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E cores: the correspondace between TDK cores and cores produced by Magnetics and Epcos

Represented by TDK coretypes with E form correspond standard sizes of ferrite cores manufactured by Epcos и Magnetics. Allitems are being produced in accordance with intrernational standards (DIN, IEC, U.S. lam. and others.).
Standard sizetype[mm]
Interantional standards Cores determination in technical documentation
TDK Epcos Magnetics
E13/7/4 DIN 41985
IEC 1246
PC47EF12.6-Z E13/7/4 B66305****
E16/8/5 DIN 41985
IEC 1246
PC47EE16-Z E16/8/5 B66307****
E19/8/5 DIN 41985
IEC 1246
US lam.E 187
PC47EE19/16-Z E19/8/5 B66379**** E 19/8/5 0*41808EC
E20/10/6 DIN 41985
IEC 1246
PC47EF20-Z E20/10/6 B66311****
E25/10/7 US lam.E 24/25 PC47EE25/19-Z PC47EF25.4-Z E25.4/10/7 B66315**** E25/10/7 0*42510EC
E25/13/7 DIN 41985
IEC 1246
PC47EF25-Z E25/13/7 B66317**** E25/10/7 0*42510EC
E32/16/9 DIN 41985
IEC 1246
PC47EF32-Z E32/16/9 B66229****
E34/14/9 US lam.E 375 PC47EF35/28B-Z
E34/14/9 B66370**** E34/14/9 0*43515EC
E40/16/12 US lam.E 21 PC47EE41/33C-Z E40/16/12 B66381**** E40/16/12 0*44317EC
E42/21/15 DIN 41295
IEC 1246
PC47EE42/42/15-Z E42/21/15 B66325**** E42/21/15 0*44020EC
E42/21/20 DIN 41295
IEC 1246
PC47EE42/42/20-Z E42/21/20 B66243**** E42/21/20 0*44022EC
E47/20/16 US lam.E 625 PC47EE47/39C-Z E47/20/16 B66383**** E47/20/16 0*44721EC
E55/28/21 DIN 41295
IEC 1246
PC47EE55/55/21-Z E55/28/21 B66335**** E55/28/21 0*45528EC
E56/24/19 US lam.E 75 PC47EE57/47-Z E56/24/19 B66385**** E56/24/19 0*45724EC

Coretypes in bold are recommended for using in new projects.

09.10 19 

LEPCOS invites you to attend the Stand C23 at ChipEXPO 2019 exhibition, which will be held from 16 to 18 October 2019 in Moscow in the Expocentre, in the pavilion "Forum".


26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

18.04 19 
Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.


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