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Choke Coils for PFC

PFC Due to the large number of DC consumers, particularly, various electronic devices and electric motors, the achieving of high-qualified energy is the key task both for large enterprises and trading companies. As long as sufficient losses in electrical networks influence greatly on the working efficiency and in some cases can lead to a breakdown it is very important to decrease the contribution of different negative factors influencing on the effectiveness of different devices operation.

The appearance of reactive power leads to additional load which influences on network. In this regard Power Factor Correction systems are applied in order to decrease current an electrical circuit and parasite active losses in conductors. The application of PFC components is interestiong for static power supply unit designing. The most simple solution of decreasing of reactive power can be the choise of passive circuit in order to increase of power factor representing a choke located between electrical power unit and high voltage capacitor.

The application of such components in the PFC circuits allows:
  • to smooth the current impulse
  • to increase the power factor
  • to unload the network

PFCAt present time among chokes produced by different manufacturers one can note TDK pfc chokes. Such components are characterised by high reliability, high efficiency factor, small sizes and at the same time ability to pass current oa f bilg value. Particularly, the components height varies from 15.5...27 mm. Particularly, the height of components vary in the range 15.6...27mm. PFC chokes can be applied in Audio- and Video Systems and computer networks, telecommunications, digital technique, LED equipment and others. Main characteristics of PFC chokes are represented in the table.

Technical characterstics of PFC3514QM series
Ordering code Mounting design fmin, KHz Output power, W L, µH I nom. peak, А Turn ratio Drawing Documentation
PFC3514QM-351K04B-00 Through hole 65 100 350 3,7 10,0 PFCлупа Далее
PFC3514QM-281K05B-00 Through hole 65 125 280 4,6 9,8
PFC3514QM-231K06B-00 Through hole 65 150 230 5,5 9,6
Technical characteristics of PFC3318QM series
PFC3318QM-601K03B-00 Through hole 50 75 600 2,8 9,0 PFCлупа Далее
PFC3318QM-601K03E-00 Through hole 50 75 600 2,8 9,6
PFC3318QM-451K04B-00 Through hole 50 100 450 3,7 9,0
Technical characteristics of PFC3519QM series
PFC3519QM-451K04E-00 Through hole 50 100 450 3,7 10,0 PFCлупа Далее
PFC3519QM-301K06B-00 Through hole 50 150 300 5,5 9,8
PFC3519QM-231K07B-00 Through hole 50 200 230 7,4 9,6
Technical characteristics of PFC3819QM series
PFC3819QM-301K06E-00 Through hole 50 150 300 5,5 9,8 PFCлупа Далее
PFC3819QM-231K07D-00 Through hole 50 200 230 7,4 9,6
PFC3819QM-181K09B-00 Through hole 50 250 180 8,8 9,5
PFC3819QM-151K11B-00 Through hole 50 300 150 11,1 9,8
Technical characteristics of PFC4124QM series
PFC4124QM-181K09D-00 Through hole 50 250 180 8,8 9,5 PFCлупа Далее
PFC4124QM-151K11D-00 Through hole 50 300 150 11,1 9,8
Technical characteristics of PFC2723ER series
PFC2723ER-601K02B-00 Through hole 50 75 600 2,4 9,8 PFCлупа Далее
PFC2723ER-421K03B-00 Through hole 50 100 420 3,4 10,8
Techical characteristics of PFC3125ER series
PFC3125ER-451K03E-00 Through hole 50 100 450 2,7 10,0 PFCлупа Далее
PFC3125ER-301K05B-00 Through hole 50 100 450 2,7 10,0
PFC3125ER-231K06B-00 Through hole 50 200 230 6,4 9,0
Technical characteristics of PFC3525ER series
PFC3525ER-301K04E-00 Through hole 50 150 300 4,1 10,4 PFCлупа Далее
PFC3525ER-231K06E-00 Through hole 50 200 225 5,6 10,0
PFC3525ER-181K09B-00 Through hole 50 250 180 9,5 10,5

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09.10 19 

LEPCOS invites you to attend the Stand C23 at ChipEXPO 2019 exhibition, which will be held from 16 to 18 October 2019 in Moscow in the Expocentre, in the pavilion "Forum".


26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

18.04 19 
Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.


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