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ceradiodes CeraDiodes represent a series of ceramic components suitable for protection from voltage surges in audio and video systems, telecommunications, computers, USB, MP3, HDD, notebooks, printers. Particularly, low values of capacitance are normal for such components, that allows to provide maximal protection from electrical discharge and minimal signal dissipation in data link. CeraDiodes are characterised by nonlinear ratio voltage/current, that allows to suppress effectively the voltage surges and to support the stability of electrical features in the working temperature range from -40°С up to +85°С. Thanks to success of Epcos in the field of miniaturization and functionality growth the increasing of demands for compact and complicated electronic equipment is being noted.

The advantages of cera diodes:

  • Extra low values of capacity at high speed of data transmission
  • Low cost
  • Compact
  • High data throughput for audio signals (0 Decibell up to 1 MHz)
  • Short response time < 0.5 ns
  • The ability to withstand high values of peak surge current

Cera diodes features:

  • DC voltage: 5.6...30 V
  • Capacitance: 0.6...470 pF
  • Working temperatures:-40...+85°С
  • RoHS
  • The protection from static electrical spark corresponds the requirements ESD IEC 61000-4-2, 4 level
  • The ability to withstand high values of peak current

During operating the internal resistance of ceradiode is rather high, and it confines the current's flowing through it. However, the increasing of resistance is possible up to predetermined limit. When ahcieving of the defined voltage value (Vleak, V) leackage current flowing can be noticed (I leak, А). These characteristics should be taken in consideration when choosing ceradiodes.

Standard series of ceradiodes

ceradiodes The standard series of ceradiodes are characterised by a high current-carrying capacity, low stray inductance and leakage current, short response time. The Special technology of terminals production allows to use a lead-free soldering. The main application od standard components: TV, DVD, gaming consoles, players, cameras, computer monitors, SD cards. CeraDiodes can be used in electrical ciricuits of industrial equipment.
Detailed information
Series Sizes, inches/mm код Epcos V (DC)max,V Ctyp, pF Detailed information
Singal standard series 0402/
CDS2...GTA 5.6; 15 47; 180 PDF:510KB
CDS3...GTA 5.6; 22 56; 470
CDS4...GTA 12 82
CDS4...GTA 12 82
Array standard 0508/
CDA4...GTA 22 33 PDF:510KB
CDA5...GTA 22 56
Standard series (high-speed) 0402/
CDS2...HDMI1 5.6 0.6 PDF:510KB
CDS2...GTA 15; 16 2; 10
CDS3...HDMI1 5.6 0.6
CDS3...GTA 16; 30 3; 10
CDS4...GTA 16 3
Array standard series(high-speed) 0508/
CDA4...GTH 16 3 PDF:510KB
CDA5...GTH 16 3
CDA6...GTH 5.6 7
Application of CeraDiodes for ESD Protection of Analog Audio and Video Lines
Series Size,

Analog Audion


Modem COM

Port PS/2 Ethernet Bluetoorh USB 2.0 Display
Low speed of connection
CDS2C05GTA 0402 X X X X
CDS2C15GTA 0402 X X X X
CDS3C05GTA 0603 X X X X
CDS3C09GTA 0603 X X X X
CDS3C15GTA 0603 X X X X
CDS3C20GTA 0603 X X X X
CDS4C12GTA 1003 X X X X
CDA4C20GTA 0508 X X X X
High speed connection
CDS1C05GTH 0201 X X X X X X X X
CDS2C05HDMI2 0402 X X X X
CDS2C12GTH 0402 X X X X X
CDS2C15GTH 0402 X X X X X
CDS2C16GTH 0402 X X X X
CDS2C20GTH 0402 X X X X X
CDS3C05HDMI1 0603 X X X X
CDS3C16GTH 0603 X X X
CDS3C30GTH 0603 X X X X X
CDA3C05GTH 0506 X X X X X
CDA4C16GTH 0508 X X X X X
CDA6C05GTH 1012 X X X X X X X X
Application of Epcos CeraDiodes in audio and video lines

Device Сtyp, pF Series Ordering code Detailed information
Analog audio lines
0201 single series 15 CDS1C05GTA B72440D0050A60 ДалееАудио
0402 single 180 CDS2C05GTA B72590D0050A60
0603 single 470 CDS3C05GTA B72500D0050A60
1003 single 82 CDS4C12GTA B72570D0120A60
0508 array 33 CDA4C20GTA B72714D0200A60
0612 array 56 CDA5C20GTA B72724D0200A62
Analog video lines
0201 single 10 CDS1C05GTH B72440D0050H60 ДалееВидео
0402 single 10 CDS2C15GTH B72590D0050H60
0603 single 10 CDS3C30GTH B72500D0050H60
1003 sngle 3 CDS4C16GTH B72570D0120H60
0508 array 10 CDA4C16GTH B72714D0160H60
0612 array 3 CDA5C16GTH B72724D0160H60
1012 array 7 CDA6C05GTH B72735D0050H62
The sructure od Epcos code is depicted below ceradiodescode

Additional information

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26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

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Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.


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