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Saw filters

sawfilters SAW components are key elements for wireless transmission. Front-end filters eliminate interference from the incoming RF signals in receivers, thus increasing selectivity and sensitivity of short-range devices. Resonators provide stable frequencies for the RF carrier signals of remote control applications, or for local oscillators of superhet receivers. The crystal structure of support influences greatly on saw components characteristics.

Advantages of Epcos SAW filters using:
  • SAW filters are being produced in SMD ceramic and automotive CSSP package
  • SAW resonators are being produced with tight frequency tolerances:±25/±50 kHz
  • Identical pinning for all standard frequencies in each package size
  • 100% final examination
  • Operating temperature range from –40 °C up to +125 °C
  • Patented passivation technologies for enhanced reliability
  • Component qualification to automotive test procedure AEC-Q200
  • Full level 3 PPAP available
  • Unique production know-how and volume benefits from the world market leader in SAW components
  • RoHS compliant (2002/95/EC)
  • Lead-free soldering compatible with J-STD 20C

The application of SAW filters is preferrable at frequencies from1 MHz to 3 GHz and at losses from 20 to 2 decibel and less. The low border of frequency band can vary depending on support's sizes and technology interdigital transducer. SAW components effectively complete tasks on signal processing at determined frequencies and complicated tuning. At the same time they are characterised by a high selectivity, small sizes ans weight, compatibility with integral modules.

When choosing Saw filters following characteristics are important:
  • Center frequency
  • Frequency band
  • Inserted losses
  • Selectiveness
Among companies producing a wide range of saw components one can note Epcos. The Epcos components are characterised by a perfect reproducing and stable parameters, high reliability, relatively low cost, longer useful life. More over the company has achieved great results in the field of components miniaturization. In such a case saw filters are being produced in small sizes saving improved characteristics when operating.

Narrowband Filters

General characteristics of the series
  • Usable bandwidth: Typically 0.1...0.6 MHz
  • Substrate: Quartz
  • Input/output impedance:>50Ω
  • Selectivity: Excellent nearby rejection
  • Package: DCC6F, DCC6E, QCC8B
fc, MHz Usable bandwidth, MHz Ordering code Detailed information
312.15/314.67 0.36/0.99 B39311B3785Z810 Далее
314.90 0.36 B39311B3739H110
315.00 0.36 B39321B3961B210
315.00 0.36 B39321B3741H110
315.00 0.55 B39321B3939H110
315.00 1.1 B39321B3783Z810
433.42 0.36 B39431B3735H110
433.92 0.12 B39431B3790Z810
433.92 0.12 B39431B3933H110
433.92 0.34 B39431B3743H110
433.92 0.34 B39431B3960B210
433.92 0.55 B39431B3936H110
433.92 1.0 B39431B3935H110
433.92 1.1 B39431B3782Z810
434.42 0.36 B39431B3748H110
447.725 0.29 B39451B3737H110
868.30 0.60 B39871B3744H110
868.30 0.60 B39871B3962B210
902.875 1.55 B39901B3934H110

Wideband Filters - SMD

General characteristics of the series
  • Usable bandwidth:Typically 1 ... 3 MHz
  • Substrate: Lithium tantalate
  • Input/output impedance:50Ω
  • Selectivity: High ultimate rejection
  • Remarks: Excellent for fixed frequency and channelized systems, low insertion attenuation
  • Package: DCC6F, DCC6E, QCC8B
fc, MHz Usable bandwidth, MHz Ordering code Detailed information
313.85 1.0 B39311B3729H110 Далее
315.00 1.0 B39321B3722U410 Далее
433.92 1.6 B39431B3721U410 Далее
866.50 7.0 B39871B3717U410 Далее
869.00 2.0 B39871B3725U410 Далее
915.00 26.0 B39921B3588U410 Далее
915.00 26.0 B39921B4301F210 Далее
2448.5 97.0 B39242B3912U410 Далее

Wideband Filters for Telematics

General characteristics of the series
  • Usable bandwidth:Typically 2 ... 60 MHz
  • Substrate: Lithium tantalate
  • Input/output impedance:50/50Ω; 50/100Ω; 50/150Ω
  • Selectivity: High ultimate rejection
  • Remarks: Frequencies for GPS/Galileo/Glonass and GSM/CDMA/UMTS available in CSSP package qualified acc. to AEC-Q200 Grade 3
  • Package: DCC4A, DCC6C, DCC6D, QCS5M, QCS5P, QCS10W, QCC10G
fc, MHz Usable bandwidth, MHz Ordering code Detailed information
881.50 25.0 B39881B4303F210 Далее
942.50 35.0 B39941B4304F210 Далее
881.50/942.50 25/35 B39941B4380P810 Далее
881.50/942.50 25/35 B39941B3514H910 Далее
1575.42 6.0 B39162B4300F210 Далее
1575.42 2.0 B39162B4308P810 Далее
1575.42 2.0 B39162B3521U410 Далее
1575.42 6.0 B39162B3524B710 Далее
1575.42 6.0 B39162B3525U510 Далее
1585.5 41 B39162B3519U410 Далее
1586.0 42 B39162B3517U510 Далее
1601.5 17 B39162B3529U410 Далее
1575.00/1602.00 10/10 B39162B3518H910 Далее
1732.5 45.0 B39172B4307F210 Далее
1842.5 60.0 B39182B4306F210 Далее
1950.0 60.0 B39202B4309P810 Далее
1960.0 60.0 B39202B4305F210 Далее
1842.5/1960.0 60.0/75.0 B39202B3515H910 Далее
1842.5/1960.0 60.0/75.0 B39202B4381P810 Далее
2140.0 60.0 B39212B4302F210 Далее
1575.42/2326.25 2.046/12.5 B39232B3526U510 Далее

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