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Dielectric resonators

Dielectric resonatorsIn recent times in wireless telecommunication devices the value of a working frequency gradually shifts to the High frequency band varying the boundaries of application up to 1 GHz. As known, resonator is a key element in microwave devices. For example, dielectric resonators are widely used in highsensitive sensors, in calibration equipment and in precised research works. The great interest is attracted to components combining the possibility of operation in the narrow frequency band and miniature sizes. Among producers one can note Temex-Ceramics, which has developed the raw of materials and resonators corresponding all requirements of the market.

Temex-Ceramics dielectric resonators are characterised by a compact case, reliability, temperature stability and low cost.

6 types of materials: E2000...E7000 p are suitable for a frequency band 800 MHz...50 GHzand also are characterised by a high Q factor and dielectric permeability (εr)(24 ...78).

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Such components are being produced on the base of dielectric with metallizing surface with shape of disk or cylinder without central hole. dielectric resonators The most commonly used mode of dielectric resonators in many applications is the TE01δ (Transverse Electric Field). Dielectric resonator traps microwave energy in an extremely small band of frequencies within the confines of the resonator volume. This energy is reflected back into the resonator due to the big gap in permittivity at the boundary of the resonator (air with ε = 1).

main characteristics of dielectric resonators
  • формулаIsolated dielectric resonator is characterised by a resonant f0 which correspond minimum of ldielectric losses. This frequency f is primarily determined by the material dielectric constant (εr) and the volu,eV (мм³) of the resonator. This formula can be used to give a preliminary determination (within 5 to 10%) of the size. Nevertheless, it is worth to point that a frequency correlation between the customer’s test jig and the Temex Ceramics one has to be made according to the former sampling results.

  • формула The key reason for choosing a dielectric resonator is the size reduction afforded by a high εr compared to a cavity air filter. It indeed appears according to the above formula, that the dielectric constant determines the resonator dimension at a given frequency. The higher the dielectric constant, the smaller the space within which the fields are concentrated, the lower the dimension at a defined frequency.

  • formuleThe Q value of a dielectric resonator is the ratio between the energy stored within the resonator to the energy dissipated in the air per cycle. It defines the losses in the material which are represented by the equation, where: δ is the loss angle, ε’ the dielectric constant and ε'' the dielectric losses.

Main series of Temex-Ceramics materials, applied in dielectric resonators
Material E2000 E3000 E4000 E5000 E6000 E7000
Dielectric constant 37 34 30 78 45 24
Typical Q factor 5000
(10 GHz)
(10 GHz)
(10 GHz)
(5 GHz)
(5 GHz)
(10 GHz)
Recommended frequency range (GHz) 3...30 2...30 3...40 2...5 1.5...15 10...24
Available τf, ppm/°C 0...15 0...10 0...10 0 -6...12 0...6
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·К)) (25°С) 2,1 1,7 2,5 2,9 2,1 3,2
Oxide composition Zr Sn Ti Zr Sn Ti Ba Zn Ta Ba Sm Ti Ti Zr Nb Zn Ba Mg Ta
Materials characteristics High Q factor for high stability DRO designs. Mass-production capacity High linearity of frequency with temperature Very high Q factor for filter designs High dielectric constant for reduced dimension systems High Q factor for low frequency applications Ultra High Q factor for filter designs
Application Alarm-detection systems, door openers Anti-collision radar for automotive, Communication equipments, Low Noise Block (LNB) converters for DBS DRO for military and space applications Satellite multiplexing filter devices, Radio-links for communication systems (LMDS), Anti-collision radar for automotive, Military radars Duplexers, filters, Cellular base stations Low Noise Block (LNB) converters for DBS, Security systems, detectors, Filters Satellite multiplexing filter devices, Radio-links for communication systems (LMDS), Military radars
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The structure of ordering code

E2036 C 11.00x4.00x5.35 +/-50, где
E2036 - material E2000, See dielectric families
С - Shape (D - disk, C - cylinder, S - Square)
11.00x4.00x5.35 - dimensions
+/-50 - tolerance in frequency

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