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Table of Replacements for Domestic Ferrite Brands

The table contains domestic brands of ferrites that are most similar to Epcos's ferrite materials in terms of electromagnetic parameters.

Domestic ferrite brand Epcos’s ferrite material
М2500НМС2 N27
М2000НМ3 N48
М700НМ M33
М4000НМ N30
М6000НМ T35
М10000НМ T38
М80ВН K1

In Power Applications:
An optimal substitution for transformers and chokes magnetic circuits that are made of ferrite brands М1500НМ3, М2000НМ, М2000НМ1, М2500НМС1 and М2500НМС2 will be power materials N27 (up to 100 kHz) and N87 (up to 500 kHz).

Comparative diagram of losses in Epcos’s cores made of power ferrite materials N87 and N97 with respect to a domestic material 2500НМС1. Data are given for a checkpoint of f = 100 kHz at T=100C and B=0.2 Tl.

Comparative diagram of losses

In resonant inductance coils operating in wide temperature range:
Most similar replacement of cores that are made of domestic thermo-stable brands М2000НМ1, М2000НМ3 and М1500НМ3, is N48.
As an example, here is given a Protocol of Evaluation Measurements on conformance of the N48 P18*11 B65641DR48 core’s parameters to requirements of ПЯО.707.090 and ОЖО.707.069ТУ in part of geometric and electromagnetic characteristics.

Протокол аттестационных измерений Протокол аттестационных измерений

25.02 19 

LEPCOS has has expanded the range of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores manufactured by MSTATOR company.

14.01 19 

LEPCOS warehouse stock has been extended by cores on the base of amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbons produced by MSTATOR.

19.12 18 

LEPCOS company extended the warehouse stock with the TDK PQ cores on the base of PC47 power material including gapped and ungapped versions.


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