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P (POT) Ferrite Cores

P-configured ferrite cores (Pot cores) are issued by Epcos AG in wide range of standard sizes. Dimensions of 7 standard sizes pertaining to a series correspond with requirements of IEC60133. We propose a possibility to select Pot cores made from different materials providing a use of cores in different applications of electronics at frequencies of up to 100 MHz.

P (POT) Ferrite CoresP (POT) Ferrite Cores

Typical applications of P ferrite cups may be:

  • High-precision thermo-stable inductances for resonance circuits and for filters operating in wide temperature range (ferrite materials K1, M33, N48). P-configured cores made from these N48 ferrite material may be used as an analog of domestic made ferrite cups of “B” series that ate issued according to requirements of ПЯО.707.090 TU and ОЖО.707.069 TU. An example of comparative analysis on conducting a test of Epcos N48 P18*11 B65641DR48 ferrite cores for a conformance to requirements imposed for М2000NM1-16 CH18 ПЯО.707.090 TU and М1500NM3-2 CH18 ОЖО.707.069 TU cores is given in here.
  • Wideband signaling transformers with a high value of single-turn inductance (T38, K1 ferrite materials).
  • Applications in power electronics. For these purposes, Pot cores are made from power ferrite materials N87 and N41 and are characterized by a high value of effective area, high value of single-turn inductance and a decreased loss level.

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Geometrical Dimensions of Cores

Geometrical dimensions of P-configures ferrite cores issued by Epcos AG.

Standard Size D1 [mm] D2 [mm] D3 [mm] D4 [mm] h1 [mm] h2 [mm]
P3.3x2,6 3,35-0,17 2,45+0,15 1,2-0,1 - 2,6-0,1 1,7+0,1
P4.6x4,1 4,65-0,19 3,70+0,15 2,2-0,1 1,4+0,05 4,1-0,1 2,7+0,1
P5.8x3,3 5,80-0,19 4,50+0,2 2,5-0,15 0,95+0,15 3,4-0,1 2,2+0,1
P7x4 7,35-0,25 5,8+0,2 3,0-0,1 1,4+0,05 2,2-0,1 2,8+0,2
P9x5 9,3-0,3 7,5+0,25 3,9-0,2 2,0+0,1 2,7-0,1 1,8+0,15
P11x7 11,3-0,4 9,0+0,4 4,7-0,2 2,0+0,1 6,6-0,3 4,4+0,3
P14x8 14,3-0,5 11,6+0,4 6,0-0,2 3,0+0,1 8,5-0,3 5,6+0,4
P18x11 18,4-0,8 14,9+0,5 7,6-0,3 3,0+0,1 10,6-0,2 7,2+0,4
P22x13 22,0-0,8 17,9+0,6 9,4-0,3 4,4+0,2 13,6-0,4 9,2+0,4
P26x16 26,0-1,0 21,2+0,8 11,5-0,4 5,4+0,2 16,3-0,4 11,0+0,4
P30x19 30,5-1,0 25,0+0,8 13,5-0,4 5,4+0,2 19,0-0,4 13,0+0,4
P36x22 36,0-1,0 29,9+0,8 16,2-0,4 5,4+0,3 22,0-0,6 14,6+0,4
P41x25 41,0-1,1 34,0+0,9 17,5-0,5 5,5+0,2 25,0-0,6 17,0+0,6
P47x28 47,0-1,3 39,0+1,1 20,0-1,6 5,5+0,2 28,0-0,4 19,0+0,6

For P-configures cores, a wide range of bobbins and mount bases for installation on printed circuit boards is issued. For fine adjustment of inductances in resonance circuit, trimming tube ferrite cores pressed into plastic bushes are issued for cups. Information on winding armature for P-configured cores see in pdf files from table shown above for corresponding standard size.

Example of assembling a magnetic circuit from P-configured ferrite cores:

Example of assembling a magnetic circuit from P-configured ferrite cores

Designation in Design Documentation

Measurement unit — set
N48 P14*8 A=250 нГн ±3% B65641-T250-A48
B65641 — standard size code for P14x8 ferrite core
T250 — gap value is selected to provide a value of AL=250 nH*
A48 — P-configured core is made from N48 material. Value variation for AL is ±3%

A, B, D — execution in version with aperture matching together with central kernel providing a possibility to use a trimming core
N, T — execution in version with plastic bush for trimmer that is pressed into an aperture matching together with central kernel of ferrite cup
C, W — P-configured core construction has not an aperture in central kernel


Additional Information

To decrease losses on transportation and storage, it is recommended (as possible) to order ferrite cores, bobbins and mount bases of P-configuration in multiples of amounts contained in factory packages. Information on number of cores in standard factory package is given in this page.

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