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PS, PCH Ferrite Cores

Epcos AG issues 10 standard sized of PS, PCH-configured ferrite cores (P cores halves for proximity switches) having an external diameter from 7.35 mm to 150 mm and intended for a manufacture of contactless inductive movement sensors (proximity switches). PS, PCH ferrite cups may be used for example for:

  • detection of location position on conveyer belt
  • counting a revolution number of rotating parts
  • as inductive sensors of guard signaling systems
PS, PCH Ferrite Cores

Main advantages of movement sensors based on PS, PCH ferrite cups are high switching rate, absence of mechanical wear and immunity to contaminations.

Maximal working distance of sensor depends on geometrical dimensions of PS or PCG ferrite cup that is used. For a frequency range from 0.1 to 0.8 MHz most suitable are PS cores that are made from N22 ferrite material. For applications in higher frequencies (operating frequencies range of up to 2 MHz), M33 ferrite cores are issued.

For most of standard sizes of PS, PCH-configured ferrite cores Epcos EG proposes a standard series of winding bobbins intended for a use in wide temperature range from -60°С to +120°С.

Geometrical dimensions of PS series ferrite cores are set according to requirements of IEC 62323.

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Geometrical Dimensions

Geometrical Dimensions
Standard Size d1, mm d2, mm d3, mm d4, mm h1, mm h2, mm
PS 7,35x3,6 7,35-0,3 5,8+0,15 3,0-0,1 1,05+0,1 3,6-0,1 2,8+0,2
PS 9x3,5 9,0-0,4 7,3+0,3 3,9-0,3 1,95+0,15 3,5-0,1 2,6+0,2
PCH 14x7,5 14,4-0,6 11,6+0,5 6,0-0,3 2,95+0,25 7,5-0,2 5,6+0,3
PS 25x8,9 24.8-1.0 20.5+0.8 11.3-0.5 5.2+0.4 8.9-0.2 5.9+0.3
PS 30.5x10,2 30.5-1.0 25.0+0.8 13.5-0.4 5.4+0.2 10.2-0.5 7.0+0.4
PS 35x10,8 35.0-1.0 29.2+1.2 15.7-0.6 5.3+0.3 10.8-0.5 7.2+0.4
PS 47x14,9 47.0-1.3 39.0+1.8 20.0-0.6 5.5+0.2 14.9-0.7 10.0+0.5
PS 68x14,5 68,0-2,2 57,5+1,8 29,5-1,0 8,5+0,5 14,5-1,0 9,0+0,6
PCH 70x14,5 70,0-2,2 57,5+1,8 29,5-1,0 8,5+0,5 14,5-1,0 9,0+0,6
PCH 150x30,0 150±3 130±2,5 65±1,2 26±1,2 30,0+2,0 15,0+2,0

More detailed characteristics of PS, PSH ferrite cups and also of bobbins for these cups that are issued by EPCOS Co., are given in corresponding pdf file that may be opened by clicking a standard size of cup from table.

05.06 09 
Epcos has developed a new N95 power ferrite material with an exceptionally low power loss.

12.05 09 
New Epcos ferrite ring core sizes : N87 R20*12*6 and N87 R28*16*9

02.02 09 
New Epcos ferrite E core size : N87 E16/8/7,8 B66502GX187


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