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MSP cores with a linear loop for transformers and chokes of isdn networks

It is well-known fact that pulse transformers and interface matching chokes for digital communication networks must have high values of magnetic permeability serving at the same time maximum possible DC bias. Traditionally, Mn-Zn ferrite was used as the main magnetic material for pulse transformers and interface chokes. However, due to low permeability and respectively low impedance it is difficult to achieve small sizes of products. If the growth of impedance is achieved by a winding turns number increase, the frequency characteristics will deteriorate: the parasitic capacitance will increase and the resonance frequency will decrease. As a result, it is difficult to ensure compliance with the ITU-T I.430.

In this regard, MSTATOR specially developed a series of high-permeability MSP magnetic cores with the possibility of DC BIAS or without it. The products are made of thin (25 µm) amorphous Co-based ribbons and provide small overall dimensions and excellent quality characteristics of pulse transformers, as well as chokes for all ISDN interfaces: S2m, S0, Up0, Uk0; Best for xDSL technology and data line chokes..

Configuration represents a ribbon wound magnetic core placed into the hard protective glass-polyamide mechanically fixed container with silicone sealant.The container has rounded edges and is designed for winding. The container provides a reliable mechanical protection and a preservation of amorphous material's properties. All materials comply with UL94V-1/0.

Technical characteristics

Advantages of MSP cores:
  • High permeability with possibility of DC Bias
  • Small size
  • High impedance in a wide frequency range
  • Comply with ITU-T I.430
  • Low attenuation in a wide frequency range
  • Insulation requirements comply with IEC 950, EN 60950, BS 601
  • Low loss
  • Decreasing of communication equipment power consumption
MSP Series
Type Dimensions in a container
(without a container)
Mean line length
AL *
(µH/ T²)
ALdc **
Typical application
Nomin. Nomin. min. min.
MSP-10S-32 11.1-5.1-5.8
25.5 6.1 26.0(a) - S2M
MSP-10B-30 11.1-5.3-7.6
25.5 8.2 20.7(a) 14.1 (b) S0 (1 mA)
MSP-10S-18 11.1-5.1-5.8
25.5 6.1 18.4(a) 12.4 (c) S0 (3 mA)
MSP-06A-12 6.8-3.0-4.1
15.0 3.8 9.8(a) 6.9 (d) S0 (4 mA)
MSP-10S-14 11.1-5.1-5.8
25.5 6.1 8.9(a) 6,1 (e) S0 (5mA)
MSP-07A-08 7.5-3.0-4.2
15.9 5.2 - 0,6 (f) Upo, DSL
MSP-10S-03 11.1-5.1-5.8
25.5 6.1 - 0,315 (g) Uko, DSL
* - Minimum value of initial inductivity ratio @ F=10 kHz, Urms=0,1V, T=25°С,
** - Min. value @ DC bias (Urms=0,1V, T=25°С)
(а) Idc = 0, F=10 kHz
(b) Idc x N = 19 mА x Turn, F = 20 kHz
(c) Idc x N = 66 mА x Turn, F = 20 kHz
(d) Idc x N = 120 mА x Turn, F = 20 kHz
(e) Idc x N = 145 mА x Turn, F = 20 kHz
(f) Idc x N = 4500 mА x Turn, F = 10 kHz
(g) Idc x N = 10,2 А x Turn, F = 10 kHz 1) At F=10 KHz, Urms=0.1 V, Т=25°С

Designation in the technical documentation

The example of designation of MSP cores ordering code:
MSP-10S-32, where:
P – application (telecommunications);
10 – outer diameter in mm;
S – cross-section reference code;
32 – designing code

Stock availability


Mstator MSP cores in stock, actual prices and the order forming are available in our online-store.

09.10 19 

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26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

18.04 19 
Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.


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