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Ferroxcube ferrite materials

Electromagnetic parameters of Ferroxcube ferrite materials and and recommendations for choosing.

For power transformers

Power ferrite materials for freqency band f<400kHz

  • 3C81 (µi = 2700) high permeability, minimal core losses at Т= 60 °C
  • 3C90 (µi = 2300) base power material
  • 3C91 (µi = 3000) minimal core losses at Т= 60 °C, for frequency f<300 kHz
  • 3C92 (µi = 1500) High saturation induction, for freqency band f<200 kHz
  • 3C93 (µi = 1800) minimal core losses at Т= 140 °C, for frequency f<500 kHz
  • 3C94 (µi = 2300) for frequency f<300 kHz
  • 3C95 (µi = 3000) sloping characteristic curve "core losses - temperature" in the range of 25-100 °C, that allows using this material in the equipment working in a wide temperature range (in motor-vehicle construction, mobile devices)
  • 3C96 (µi = 2000) for frequency f<400 kHz
  • 3C97 (µi = 3000) new power ferrite material, low core losses in a wide range of temperatures in contradistinction to 3C95 saves stability at high temperatures (from 60 up to 140 °C)
  • 3C98 (µi = 2500) new power Ferroxcube material is improved verison of 3C96 with lower core losses ( 250 kW/m³), also characterised by higher initial magnetic permeability and saturation induction

Materials with high saturation induction
Suitable for output chokes production

  • 3C20 (µi = 2300) used when gapped toroids manufacturing, f<300 kHz
  • 3C30 (µi = 2100) for frequency band f<200 kHz
  • 3C34 (µi = 2100) for frequency band f<300kHz
  • 3G1 (µi = 850) the highest saturation induction among Ferroxcube ferrites>500 mТ
  • 3P1 (µi = 80) powder material with saturation induction >1,5 T

For High-Frequency band

  • 3F3 (µi = 2000) for frequencies 200<f<500 kHz
  • 3F35 (µi = 1400) for frequencies 500<f<1000 kHz
  • 3F4 (µi = 900) or frequencies1<f<2 MHz
  • 3F45 (µi = 900) or frequencies 1<f<2 MHz,extremely low core losses at frequency 1 MHz
  • 3F5 (µi = 650) for frequencies 2<f<4 MHz, extremely low core losses at frequency 3 MHz
  • 4F1 (µi = 80) for frequencies 4<f<10 MHz

For EMI-Suppression

For EMC filters, Power line chokes

for frequencies f< 200 kHz

  • 3B1: (µi = 900) MnZn ferrite
  • 3S1: (µi = 4000) low-frequency material, high Impedance
  • 3C11: (µi = 4300) medium permeability, suitable for power line chokes manufacturing
  • 3E25: (µi = 6000) suitable for power line chokes manufacturing
  • 3E26: (µi = 7000) suitable for power line chokes manufacturing
  • 3E27: (µi = 6000) low core losses and sufficiently high Curie point
  • 3E5: (µi = 10000) high initial permeability
  • 3E6: (µi = 12000) the highest initial permeability
  • 3E10: (µi = 10000) material with high magnetic permeability and low tolerance value of Al up to ±20% in comparisson with materials 3E5, 3E6
  • 3E12: (µi = 12000) material with high magnetic permeability, applied in broadband transformers and also used as EMC filters

For High-frequency band

  • 4B1: (µi = 250) NiZn ferrite
  • 4S2: (µi = 800) high impedance, suitable for a wide range of frequencies up to1 GHz
  • 3S3: (µi = 350) high impedance, suitable for a wide range of frequencies up to1 GHz
  • 3S4: (µi = 1700) high impedance
  • 3S5: (µi = 3800) suitabe for working with high bias
  • 4S2F: (µi = 700) inexpensive material (without Ni), for high frequencies. There is a whole range of EMC filters for round and ribbon cables on the base of this material

NiZn ferrites

  • 4A11: (µi = 850) NiZn ferrite with medium permeability
  • 4A15: (µi = 1200) NiZn ferrite with high permeability
  • 4A20: (µi = 2000) NiZn ferrite
  • 4C65: (µi = 125) NiZn ferrite with low permeability
  • 4S3: (µi = 250) high impedance, suitable for a wide range of frequencies up to 1GHz
For Data and Signal Line Chokes (high speed of data transfer)
  • 4B2: (µi = 250) NiZn ferrite with high Curie point Tc. Suitable for antenna rods and transponders
  • 4D2: (µi = 60)the highest Curie point Tc
  • 4E1: (µi = 15) the highest Curie point Tc
26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

18.04 19 
Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.

25.02 19 

LEPCOS has has expanded the range of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores manufactured by MSTATOR company.


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