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Gapped ferrite toroids TN

Ferrite gapped toroids produced by Ferroxcube can be applied for manufacturing of power flyback transformers and storage chokes. Due to concentrated gap the core material is not involved in the saturation at high current values.

Toroids are being manufactured by saw cutting of required gap in unbroken core produced on the base of the material 3C20 with frequency stability and high saturation induction. The coating is being applied on the prepared gapped core in order to fill the gap. Due to such coating the core looks like toroid without bores, and gapped core winding does not differ from the standart core winding.

Ferrite gapped toroids are ordinarly produced with several gap types which provide required ALvalue.

Cores nomenclature and gapped toroids features

Size Saturation Induction B, mT Core losses
H=1200 А/m, f=10кHz, t=100°C f=100кHz, B=100mT, t=100°C f=100кHz, B=100mТ, t=100°C
TN10/6/4 ≈400 ≤0,017 ≤0,11
TN13/7,5/5 ≤0,033 ≤0,22
TN17/11/6,4 ≤0,07 ≤0,47
TN20/10/6,4 ≤0,12 ≤0,8
TN23/14/7,5 ≤0,16 ≤1,1
TN26/15/11 ≤0,33 ≤2,2

Size Geometrical sizes Effective characteristics
D (mm)* d (mm)* H
le/Ae (1/mm) Ve (mm³) le (mm) Ae
Масса (g) Insulation voltage (V)
TN10/6/4 10,6±0,3 5,2±0,3 4,4±0,3 1 188 24,1 7,8 0,95 1000
TN13/7,5/5 13±0,35 6,6±0,35 5,4±0,3 0,865 368 30,1 12,2 1,8 1500
TN17/11/6,4 17,5±0,5 9,9±0,5 6,85±0,35 1,094 787 42 18,7 3,7 1500
TN20/10/6,4 20,6±0,6 9,2±0,4 6,85±0,35 1,09 1330 43,6 30,5 6,9 2000
TN23/14/7,5 24±0,7 13±0,6 8,1±0,45 1,47 1845 55,8 33,1 9 2000
TN26/15/11 26,8±0,7 13,5±0,6 11,6±0,5 0,865 3700 60,1 61,5 19 2000

The inner part of the core is coated by polyamide II (PA II), flame resistance of the material is "UL94V-2".
*The values of outside and inside diameters correspond to the value in a core with polyamide coating.

To check the presence of the cores and their accessories in stock

The influence of windning position on the inductance

Due to cores gap the turn inductance will depend on turns position: uniformly around the toroid, directly on the top of a gap or or from the opposite side towards the gap.

The curve "Inductance-Current" (in case three types of performance) for gapped ferrite toroid TN13/5-3C20-A79 is represented below.

The structure of the ordering code

TN 23/7,5 - 3C20 - A 106 - X

TN — core configuration
23/7,5 — core size
3C20 — core material
A 106 — AL value=106 nH
X — special type

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График работы компании «ЛЭПКОС» в период майских праздников.

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Уважаемые коллеги, обращаем Ваше внимание, что с декабря 2018 года комплектация электролитических конденсаторов фирмы EPCOS изменена.

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Приглашаем посетить посетить наш стенд № A731 в (павильон №3 Зал №13) на выставке Экспоэлектроника-2019 в период с 15 по 17 апреля 2019 года на территории выставочного комплекса Крокус Экспо в г. Москве

25.02 19 

Компания ЛЭПКОС расширила номенклатуру аморфных и нанокристаллических сердечников производства МСТАТОР.

14.01 19 

Компания ЛЭПКОС ввела в складскую линию магнитопроводы на основе аморфных и нанокристаллических лент производства МСТАТОР.


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