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Comparison of NANOPERM Nanocrystalline Material with Ferrites

Comparison of NANOPER® nanocrystalline material with ferrites in various characteristics.

Main advantages of using NANOPERM® made nanocrystalline cores are:

  • higher value of magnetic permeability (up to 10 times)
  • higher value of saturation magnetic flux density (up to 3 times)
  • higher range of operating temperatures (up to 180 °С)

Comparison of NANOPERM® Nanocrystalline Material with Ferrites

Material Permeability
μr @10kHz/100kHz
Saturation Flux Density
Bs[T] @25°C/100°C
Curie Temperature
Tc [°C]
Maximum Operating Temperature
T38 ferrite 10.000/10.000 0,38/0,23 > 130 95
NANOPERM® 100.000/20.000 1,2/1,18 600 120(180)
80.000 / 28.000 1,2/1,18 600 120(180)
30.000 / 20.000 1,2/1,18 600 120(180)

Comparison of NANOPERM® Nanocrystalline Material with Ferrites

05.06 09 
Epcos has developed a new N95 power ferrite material with an exceptionally low power loss.

12.05 09 
New Epcos ferrite ring core sizes : N87 R20*12*6 and N87 R28*16*9

02.02 09 
New Epcos ferrite E core size : N87 E16/8/7,8 B66502GX187


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