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Powder Cores with High Saturation Magnetic Flux Density

MPP cores are ring cores that are made of material containing 79% of nickel, 17% of iron and 4% of molybdenum powder and having a smallest losses among all powder materials. Main advantages of MPP cores are high specific resistance, low values of hysteresis and eddy currents, high stability of inductance following a magnetization by high current. High temperature and time stability of magnetic permeability versus temperature make these cores irreplaceable for production of high-precision inductance coils operating in wide temperature range. In usual storage conditions, a variation of core’s inductance will not exceed 0.05%.

High Flux cores are made of material containing 50% of nickel and 50% of powder iron and have a higher saturation magnetic flux density as compared with other powder materials. High Flux have a series of advantages that permit to recommend these cores for applications requiring high power, high magnetic biasing by direct or alternating current at high frequencies. High Flux’s saturation magnetic flux density is 1.5 T what is considerably higher than 0.75 T for standard MPP cores or 0.45 T for ferrite cores. High Flux cores have losses that are considerably lower than losses of powder iron cores. In most applications, a use of High Flux cores provides a significant size reduction of wrap-in products as compared with other cores made of powder materials.

Kool Mµ cores are made of iron-aluminium alloy and are characterized by low losses at higher frequencies. Near-to zero magnetostriction makes Kool Mµ cores ideally suitable for suppression of acoustic noises in filters. Kool Mµ cores have considerably lesser losses than cores made of material based on spayed iron and provide a size reduction of wrap-in products and a decreased value of temperature jumps as compared with last-mentioned. Owing to a low cost, Kool Mµ cores are extensively used worldwide in circuits of power supplies.

XFLUX cores that are made of material not containing high-priced nickel and therefore are not expensive, combine such characteristics which were earlier inaccessible for other materials non containing nickel, as increased inductance value (1.6 T) and high stability of magnetic permeability versus temperature.

At present moment along with noted permalloys and powder iron it is actual to use Magnetics Amoflux® (Fе Si B) material in industrial power supplies, computers and other devices, where power factor correction and DC chokes installation are required. Due to the presence of a distributed gap, it is possible to significantly reduce core losses and achieve a high saturation induction values ​​(1.5 T). In addition, this alloy has the stability of parameters such as saturation induction and core loss at temperatures up to 155 °C. Amoflux® cores are available in ring shapes with a magnetic permeability of 60.

Amoflux® characteristics
The comparing of Amoflux® and other materials
General characteristics High Flux Kool Mµ MPP
Core losses Amoflux® is 50% better Similar MPP is better
DC Bias High Flux is better Amoflux® is 50% better Amoflux® is 30% better
Cost Amoflux® is lower Kool Mµ is lower Amoflux® is much lower
Amoflux® benefits Better efficiency and a more cost-effective solution Higher current handling,potential size reduction and less copper required Higher current handling, potential size reduction, less copper required, and a more cost-effective solution

Amoflux® Dimensions and Magnetic Data[2].
Dimensions (after finish) Part Number Permeability AL±8% (nH/T²) Weight, g Effective parameters
OD, mm ID, mm HT, mm Ve, mm³ Ae, mm² Le
, mm
24,4 13,7 9,66 0088351A7 60 51 14 2,280 38,8 58,8
27,69 14,1 12,0 0088894A7 60 75 26 4,150 65,4 63,5
33,66 19,4 11,5 0088071A7 60 61 33 5,340 65,6 81,4
40,77 23,3 15,4 0088083A7 60 81 65 10,600 107 98,4
47,63 23,3 19,0 0088439A7 60 135 131 21,300 199 107
58,04 25,57 16,2 0088192A7 60 138 173 28,600 229 125

75-Series Toroid cores are made of alloy based on Fe, Si and Al and are characterized by improved properties (better DC Bias performance) than Kool Mµ and lower core losses than XFlux. ®. The relatively high saturation flux density of 75-Series cores makes them a low-cost solution in applications where stable inductance under load is necessary, such as inverters for renewable energy sources and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

75-Series cores can offer a lower cost alternative to High Flux cores and offer a substantial improvement in core loss and DC Bias performance when compared to Iron Powder.

75-Series characteristics
Available Sizes and Permeabilities of 75-Series
Toroid OD: 26μ 40μ 60μ
27 mm 0075932A7 0075936A7 0075894A7
47 mm 0075440A7 0075431A7 0075439A7
57 mm 0075191A7 0075189A7 0075192A7


DC Bias and Core Loss of 75-Series
Permeability 26μ 40μ 60μ
DC Bias(A·T/sm)
Rolloff (80%) 128 80 56
Rolloff (50%) 282 183 115
Core Loss (mW/sm³)
at 100 mT and 50kHz 700 676 537
at 100 mT and 100kHz 1900 1860 1425

In March 2017 Magnetics added the new material Kool Mμ® MAX to the range of powder cores. The new material is characterized by lower losses, a high stability of permeability in case of DC BIAS comparing to Kool Mμ® material.

Kool Mμ® MAX is the next generation of sendust cores from Magnetics. The company supercharged their low core loss Kool Mμ material with 50% better DC bias performance for better power handling. Use of copper wire is minimized by maintaining inductance using less turns, resulting in savings in overall component cost. With its super low losses, Kool Mμ MAX does not mimic the temperature rise problems found in iron powder cores. You can improve inductor efficiency at a fraction of the cost of High Flux with Kool Mμ MAX.

Kool Mμ® MAX cores characteristics

Kool Mμ® MAX dimensions and permeability values

Kool Mμ® MAX cores are produced in toroid shape with permeabilities 26 and 60 and cover size range from R13.5 to R134 (after finish). Coating color is black.

Dimensions before
(epoxy) (mm)
26μ 60μ
12.7 х 7.62 х 4.75 0079052A7 0079051A7
16.6 х 10.2 х 6.35 0079122A7 0079121A7
17.3 х 9.65 х 6.35 0079382A7 0079381A7
20.3 х 12.7 х 6.35 0079208A7 0079848A7
22.9 х 14.0 х 7.62 0079312A7 0079059A7
23.6 х 14.4 х 8.89 0079352A7 0079351A7
26.9 х 14.7 х 11.2 0079932A7 0079894A7
32.8 х 20.1 х 10.7 0079550A7 0079071A7
34.3 х 23.4 х 8.89 0079587A7 0079586A7
35.8 х 22.4 х 10.5 0079326A7 0079076A7
39.9 х 24.1 х 14.5 0079256A7 0079083A7
46.7 х 24.1 х 18.0 0079440A7 0079439A7
46.7 х 28.7 х 15.2 0079091A7 0079090A7
50.8 х 31.8 х 13.5 0079717A7 0079716A7
57.2 х 26.4 х 15.2 0079191A7 0079192A7
57.2 х 35.6 х 14 0079111A7 0079110A7
62 х 32.6 х 25 0079615A7 0079617A7
74.1 х 45.3 х 35 0079735A7 0079737A7
77.8 х 49.2 х 12.7 0079868A7 -
77.8 х 49.2 х 15.9 0079908A7 0079907A7
101.6 х 57.2 х 16.5 0079102A7 0079099A7
134 х 77.19 х 26.8 (*) 0079337A7 -

(*)Dimensions for this core are given before epoxy coating formation.

Magnetics permalloys characteristics

Material Composition Permeability stability at DC BIAS Core Loss Relative Cost Saturation Flux Density (Tesla) Curie Temperature Operating Temp. Range 60μ, flat dependence from frequency
XFlux® Fe Si Highest High Low 1.6 Т 700 °С -55 ... 200 °С 500 kHz
High Flux Fe Ni Highest Moderate High 1.5 Т 500 °С -55 ... 200 °С 1 МHz
75-Series Fe Si Al High Moderate Low 1.5 Т 700 °С -55 ... 200 °С 500 kHz
Kool Mμ® MAX Fe Si Al High Very Low Medium 1.0 Т 500 °С -55 ... 200 °С 900 kHz
MPP Fe Ni Mo Very Low Highest 0.8 Т 460 °С -55 ... 200 °С 2 MHz
Kool Mμ® Fe Si Al Moderate Low Low 1.0 Т 500 °С -55 ... 200 °С 900 kHz
Iron Powder Fe Moderate Highest Lowest 1.2 - 1.5 Тл 770 °С -30 ... 75 °С 500 kHz
Ferrite Ceramic technology Low Lowest Lowest 0.45 Тл 100 - 250 °С Variable Variable

Selection of analogues in Magnetics production based on core’s code (code part)

To substitute currently used products with products of Magnetics and to select a most suitable required analogue, you may access to cross-reference list.

Ring Powder Cores Made of MPP, High Flux, KooL Mµ, XFlux, AmoFlux, 75-Series materials

Ring Powder Cores Made of MPP, High Flux, KooL Mu, XFlux materials

Thin Ring Cores Made of MPP THINZ Mo-permalloy

Thin Ring Cores Made of MPP THINZ Mo-permalloy

E-configured Cores Made of KooL Mµ Material

E-configured Cores Made of KooL Mu Material

EQ cores made of XFLUX material.

EQ cores made of powder materials

U-configured Cores and I-Plate Made of Kool Mµ Material

U-configured Cores and I-Plate Made of Kool Mu Material

Cylinder and Round Block Cores

Designs with rounded block cores

Powerful Composite Magnetic Circuits of Ring and Oval Configurations Made of Kool Mµ Material

Powerful Composite Magnetic Circuits of Ring and Oval Configurations Made of Kool Mu Material

Advantages of Magnetics’s Powder Materials

  • Expanded Nomenclature Series.
  • Presence of dielectric coating that makes a winding process easier and significantly increases a life time of products being operated in worse climatic environment and withstands a breakdown voltage of up to 1500 V.
  • Tighter requirements for a variation of single-turn inductance ratio (up to 2%) - domestic Russian КГЖП757140.001ТУ norm with acceptance 5 permits a variation of up to 10%.
  • Availability of thermo-compensated technological modes permitting to produce high-stability precision inductance coils for operation in wide temperature range.
  • Excellent technical support in form of literature and articles.
  • Low (as compared with domestic-made powder materials) cost of cores.


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