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TDK Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Small chip capacitors are widely used in telecommunications,PC, automatic and control systems
TDK multilayer ceramic capacitors are represented in a few series of chip capacitors.


  • They suit for substitution of tantalum, some types of film and aluminum capacitors
  • They have nickel electrodes providing optimal range between price and quality.
  • They can be applied in different fields:from mobile phones to automobile industry.

The structure

Multilayer ceramic chip capacitor consists of ceramic dielectric and metallized electrodes. CaTiO3 and BaTiO3 are used as dielectrics. High capacity value is being achieved due to increasing of electrodes number and decreasing of dielectric thickness.

Construction of chip capacitor

Monolithic structure provides mechanical strength and reliability.

Due to high accuracy of capacitors sizes it's possible to apply them in automation systems when arranging components on a circuit board.

Technical data

  • Temp. Charac: X5R/X7R/X8R/C0G/Y5V
  • Voltage range: 6,3 - 630 V
  • Capacity range: 0,5 pА - 100 μF
  • Sizetypes:
    C0402 (0,4mm x 0,2mm; EIA 01005) – C5750 (5,7mm x 0,5mm; EIA 2220)

MLCC types

  Series Technical data Features Application pdf
 С large capacitance, general application
Series C
Sizes: 0402...5750
Тemperature charac.:
CH, C0G, JB, X7R, X5R, X7S, X6S
Nominal voltage: 4...50 V
Capacitance: 0,5 pF... 100 μF
- Large capacitance
- long useful life
- low ESR and perfect frequency characteristics
-Suitable for application in SMPS, requiring the high level of reliability and also high-frequency power supplies
Automobile electronics and other devices Далее
 С For middle voltage
Series C
Sizes: 1005...5750
Temp. Charac.: CH, C0G, JB, X7R, X5R,X6S,X7S,X7T
Nominal voltage: 100...630 V
Capacitance: 1 pF... 15 μF
- the unique technology combining a compact construction and stability to high voltage
SMPS circuits
devices with high-voltage
series C High-voltage series
Series C
Sizes: 4520...4532
Temp. Charac.:
C0G, X7R, CH, JB
Nominal voltage: 1...3 kV
Capacitance: 10 nF.. 10 nF
- Improved construction
- High reliability and productivity at high voltage
-Correspond the standard ISO8802-3
Suitable for devices with high-voltage circuits Далее
Mega cap Mega-caps with metallic leads
Series СKG
Sizes: 35 (3.6x2.6mm), 45 (5x3.5mm), 57 (6x5mm)
Temperature charac.:
COG, X5R, X7R, X7S, X7T
Nominal voltage: 16...630 V
Capacitance: 22 nF... 100  μF
- Metallic leads decrease the thermal influence and stroke providing perfect characteristics when mounting on the aluminium support.
- Suitable for high-frequency SMPS due to low value of ESR and ESL
Smoothing, devices with variable temperature, some types of power supplies, DC/DC- converters, automobile electronics Далее
Series with low ESL Series with low ESL
Series C
Sizes: 0510...1632
Temperature charac.: JB, X5R, X6S, X7R, X7S
Nominal voltage: 2.5...50 V
Capacitance: 10 nF... 10 F
- Improved values of ESR and ESL due to arrangement of electrodes along the maim length of a chip.
- High resonance frequency provides effective suppression of High-frequency noise
-Application:decoupling between CB
PC, mobile phones Далее
ESR Control Cap 3-pinned version
Series CKD
Sizes: 1005, 1608
Nominal voltage: 4...6.3 В
Capacitance: 0.47 μF... 4.3 μF
-Components are effective for EMI Suppression and decreasing of voltage fluctuations in power equipment.
-Suitable for application at high currents (up to 2A).
power lines of highspeed, highly-precise circuits applied in telecommunication equipment. Далее

The ordering code of ceramic capacitors includes the component's size:

Capacitors sizes
Ordering code
L,mm W, mm Width of contact area
B, mm
0402 0,4±0,02 0,2±0,02 0,07
0603 0,6±0,03 0,3±0,03 0,1
1005 1,0±0,05 0,5±0,05 0,1
1608 1,6±0,1 0,8±0,1 0,2
2012 2,0±0,2 1,25±0,2 0,2
3216 3,2±0,2 1,6±0,2 0,2
3225 3,2±0,4 2,5±0,3 0,2
4532 4,5±0,4 3,2±0,4 0,2
5750 5,7±0,4 5,0±0,4 0,2

Temperature characteristics:

C0G (0 ± 30 ppm/°C)

CH (0±60ppm/°C)

X5R (±15%)

X7R (±15%)

Y5V (+22, -82%)

X7S (+22%)

09.10 19 

LEPCOS invites you to attend the Stand C23 at ChipEXPO 2019 exhibition, which will be held from 16 to 18 October 2019 in Moscow in the Expocentre, in the pavilion "Forum".


26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

18.04 19 
Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.


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