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sawfilters The application of frequency-selective devices operating on the base of resonance phenomena in dielectrics with high dielectric permeability is interesting from the point of view of decreasing of devices weight, sizes and cost. Among such frequency-selective elements one can note pass-band filters, low-frequency and high-frequency filters and others.

sawfilters Resonatoris the key element of a filter which represent a metalizing surface in the form of disk or cylinder. Together with complete discs and cylinders the construction with coaxial hole is also produced. Such resonator represent a ceramic tube. Internal and external walls of a tube are coated by conducting films. The tube is placed in the metallic case.

When working with resonators following technical characteristics should be noted:

  • εr - dielectric permeability
  • τf - Temperature coefficient of the dielectric
  • Q - Quality factor
  • f0 - Resonance frequency, Hz

The choise of a material with high dielectric permeability is determined by a possibility of miniature devices producing. So, the permeability in ceramic materials varies from 9 ± 0,5 to 98 ± 1. The using of ceramics in dielectric resonators allows to reach improved technical characteristics and low microwave losses.

One of the main producers of dielectric resonators on the base of high quality resonators for microwave devices is Temex-Ceramics (France). In 2012 the company has become a part of companies group Exxelia Group - one of European leaders in the filed of electronic parts for microwave devices supplying.

The advantages of Temex-Ceramics resonators using:
  • miniature sizes
  • high Q factor
  • Temperature stability
  • Easy design and comfortable using
  • High reliability when operating
Tеmex-Ceramics resonators are applied in units of microwave devices, aero-engineering, radio location systems, radio receiving equipment, radio wireless communications, radio relay equipment, TV, special-purpose equipment and others.

Coaxial ceramic resonatorts

res3 Temex-Ceramics produces a wide range of ceramic coaxial resonators with high Q factor for the range from 300MHz to 6GHz, produced on the base of ceramics with dielectric permeability (εr) 21, 37, 90. Such resonators are recommended for using in devices of cellular network, duplexers, oscillators, GPS, narrowband filters.

The length of a contour can be determined on the basis of predetermined frequency and dielectric permeability of the material according to the following equation:

Dimensions and materials for Temex-Ceramics ceramic coaxial resonators:
Series Dimensions Frequency range(λ/4) Impedance Z Detailed information
εr=21 εr=37 εr=90 εr=21 εr=37 εr=90
CRS02 2.0±0.2 0.65±0.1 2000-4000 MHz 1500-3000 MHz 900-2000 MHz 16.5 12.5 8 Далее
CRS03 3.0±0.2 0.95±0.1 1500-4000 MHz 1500-3000 MHz 650-2000 MHz 16.0 12.0 7.5 Далее
CRS04 4.0±0.2 1.5±0.1 1000-4000 МГц 800-3000 МГц 450-2000 МГц 14.0 10.5 6.5 Далее
CRS24 4.0±0.2 2±0.1 1000-4000 MHz 800-3000 MHz 450-2000 MHz 10.0 7.5 5.0 Далее
CRS06 6.0±0.2 2±0.1 600-2500 MHz 500-2000 MHz 450-1000 MHz 15.5 11.5 7.5 Далее
CRS26 6.0±0.2 2.5±0.1 600-2500 MHz 500-2000 MHz 450-1000 MHz 12.5 9.5 6.0 Далее
CRS08 8.0±0.2 2.7±0.2 15.0 11.5 7.0 Далее
CRS10 10.0±0.2 3.3±0.2 15.5 11.5 7.5 Далее
CRS12 12.0±0.2 3.55±0.2 600-1200 MHz 450-1000 MHz 300-650 MHz 17.0 12.5 8.0 Далее
CRS412 12.0±0.2 3.55±0.2 600-1200 MHz 450-1000 MHz 300-650 MHz 15.5 11.5 7.5 Далее

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