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— General representative of Epcos AG by ferrite in the CIS
— Official distributor and general representative for ferrites of
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— Authorized distributor of Magnetics in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries
— Exclusive distributor of USM in Russia and CIS countries
— Official Distributor Temex Ceramics in Russia and CIS
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TDK-Epcos transformers and inductors

TDK-EPC is one of the world leaders in the field of inductive components and offers the big choice of standard transformers, chokes and SMT inductors corresponding the last innovations in the field of science and technologies.

For successful implementing of inductors in new inventions TDK-Epcos produces kit samples with different series of SAMPLE KITS

In order to make the inductor's choise easier one can use the special program The program of automatical matching . If you have difficulties when choosing the items You can apply to our managers .

LEPCOS is official distributor TDK-EPC and supports in-stock a wide range of standard TDK-EPC inductors and chokes. To check the prices, poisitions in-stock and to make online order you can here Трансформаторы, дроссели, индуктивности Epcos

TDK-EPC Standard inductors, chokes and transformers

SMT inductors, SIMID series EPCOS AG smd chip inductors
High electromagnetic properties combine with small sizes

Inductors for High Frequency. Multilayer ceramicTDK SMD chip inductors
High Q factor and improved electromagnetical features are being achieved at small sizes


SMT power inductors EPCOS AG SMT Power inductors
Inductors are suitable for protection from EMI interference and also can be used as storage inductors in DC/DC converters


TDK Inductors for Power CircuitsPower inductors TDK
Small-sized inductors with effective magnetic shielding are suitable for application in devices with high level of EMC suppression and in DC/DC converters

RF chokesRF chokes (RF chokes)
RF chokes are used (RF chokes) for RF blocking, filtering, decoupling and interference suppression, also for application in telecommunications (12- or 16-kHz blocking filter),automotive electronics, energy-saving lamps, entertainment electronics.


VHF chokes(VHF chokes)
VHF Chokes are suitable for RF blocking and filtering, interference suppression in small appliances


Data and signal line chokesEPCOS AG для линий передачи сигналов и данных
Chokes are suitable for suppression of asymmetrical interference coupled in on lines


Power line chokesPower line chokes
High suppression of differential-mode interferences at low frequencies


EPCOS AG trancformers for xDSL (ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL)EPCOS AG trancformers for xDSL (ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL)
Matched to Broadcom ICs Bladerunner BCM6410, 6420, 6411, 6421, 6511


Тechnical information for application

For detailed studying of EPCOS-TDK inductors one can appeal to following materials:

The main technical information

Symbols and descriptions

05.06 09 
Epcos has developed a new N95 power ferrite material with an exceptionally low power loss.

12.05 09 
New Epcos ferrite ring core sizes : N87 R20*12*6 and N87 R28*16*9

02.02 09 
New Epcos ferrite E core size : N87 E16/8/7,8 B66502GX187


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