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Chip Inductors for High Frequency

чип Due to the increasing of demands in electronic small-sized devices the using of high effective components in electric circuits represent a great interest for engineers. Among world leaders in the field of SMT components producing one can mention TDK.At present day the company produces a wide range of SMT chip-inductors characterising with high values of Q factor and nominal inductance, low values of resistance and high frequency losses, invcreased monolythic structure and also a wide range of working temperatures (-55° С до +125 °С).

multi layer construction Multilayer chip inductors are manufactured using thin sheets made of ferrite or special ceramics on which coil patterns are printed with metallic paste (normally silver). By arranging these sheets in multiple layers, a spiral-shaped internal electrode pattern is created. The multilayer technique creates the coil in a three-dimensional space without the need to wind wire on a core, which facilitates miniaturization and mass production. This revolutionary technique was developed by TDK and presented to the world for the first time in 1980. When a current flows through the coil, a magnetic flux is created. The intensity of the flux (i.e. the number of magnetic field lines) is called the inductance (L).The inductance increases proportionally to the number of coil windings squared and proportionally to the cross section area. Using a material with high magnetic permeability such as ferrite as a core results in higher inductance. This is because the higher magnetic permeability of a core has the effect of concentrating the magnetic field lines.

SMT chip-inductors with ferrite core (series NLC, NLV, NLCV, NL, NLFV) also represent a great interest. Advanced monolithic structure is formed using a multilayering and sintering process with ceramic and conductive materials for Highfrequency.

The main fields of application of TDK chip-inductors:

  • Smart phones
  • Tablet terminals
  • W-LAN
  • High frequency modules
  • UWB
  • Bluetooth
  • High frequency circuits for the mobile communication industry
  • Tuners

LEPCOS is an official TDK-EPC distributor and supports in-stock a wide nomenclature of TDK-EPC standard inductors and chokes. To check the prices and positions in-stock, to make online order: SMT chip-inductors.

Main series and sizetypes of TDK chip-inductors

Inside sight Features Inductance Nominal current Size Ordering code Documentation
Multilayer Ceramic inductors
MLG Standard type 0,3...180 nH 0,05...0,6 mА 0603
[0201 EIA]
MLG0603S PDF:146KB
0,3...390 nH 0,05...1А 1005
[0402 EIA]
1...1,000 nH 0,07...0,6А 1608
[0603 EIA]
Decreased sizes 0,2...33 nH 0,12...0,35А 0402
[01005 EIA]
MLG0402Q PDF:104KB
Hugh Q factor 0,6...120 nH 0,08...1А 0603
[0201 EIA]
 Индуктивность серии MHQ The highest value of Q factor 0,2...33 nH 0,13...0.32А 0603
[01005 EIA]
MHQ0402P  PDF:153KB
0,6...39 nH 0,16...1А 0603
[0201 EIA]
0,7...150 nH 0,4...1,2А 1005
[0402 EIA]
Индуктивность серии MLG High value of SRF 1...33 nH 0,1...0,3А 0603
[0201 EIA]
MLK0603 PDF:103KB
1...330 nH 0,07...0,5А 1005
[0402 EIA]
 Индуктивность серии MLF Магнитное экранирование для высокой плотности монтажа 0,1...2.2 мкГн 0,015...0.18А 1005
[0402 EIA]
MLF1005  PDF:308KB
0,047...33µH 0,002...0,2А 1608
[0603 EIA]
0,047...100µH 0,003...0,2А 2012
[0805 EIA]
 MLZ The best matching of AC current characteristics 0,47...2.2 µH 0,06...0.12 А 1005
[0402 EIA]
MLZ1005  PDF:313KB
0,1...22 µH 0,055...0,7 А 1608
[0603 EIA]
1...100 µH 0,03...1 А 2012
[0805 EIA]
NLV High thermal stability 0.01...100 µH 0,06...0,53А 25
[1008 EIA]
0,01...470µH 0,025...0,45А 32
[1210 EIA]
NLV 1...1000 µH 0,03...0,45 А 4532
[1812 inches]
NL453232 PDF:175KB
1200...10 000 µH 0,025...0,075А 5650
[2020 inches]
NLСV High thermal stability 1...33 µH 0,12...0,475 А 25
[1008 EIA]
11...330µH 0,07...1 А 32
[1210 EIA]
0.1...10 µH 0,36...1.89 А 25
[1008 EIA]
0.1...10 µH 0,6...2,85 А 32
[1210 EIA]
1...330 µH 0,09...1,050 А 4532
[1812 inches]
1...1000 µH 0,085...1,8 А 5650
[2020 inches]
NLFV High thermal stability 1...100 µH 0,04...0,455 А 25
[1008 EIA]
1...1000 µH 0,02...0,75 А 32
[1210 EIA]

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26.06 19 
According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

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Dear colleagues! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since December 2018, the package content of electrolytic capacitors has been changed.


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