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EMC Filters

EMC components are used to reduce conducted electromagnetic interferences to the limits defined in an EMC plan or below the limits specified in the EMC standards (Figure). These components may be installed either in the source or in the disturbed equipment. Susceptibility model and filtering

Among world leaders in the field of elecotronic components production one can note EPCOS. The company offers the world‘s biggest selection of EMC components with a wide range of rated voltages and currents for power lines as well as for signal and control lines supporting customers throughout the entire product development cycle – from the design phase up to volume production.

Interference sources and disturbed equipment

An interference source is an electrical equipment which emits electromagnetic interferences. We can differentiate between two main groups of interference sources corresponding to the type of frequency spectrum emitted (Figure). Interference sources with discrete frequency spectra (e.g. high-frequency generators and microprocessor systems) emit narrowband interferences. Switchgear and electric motors in household appliances, however, spread their interference energy over broad frequency bands and are considered to belong to the group of interference sources having a continuous frequency spectrum.Interference sources

Electrical equipment or systems subject to interferences and which can be adversely affected by it are termed disturbed equipment. In the same way as interference sources, disturbed equipment can also be categorized corresponding to frequency characteristics. A distinction can be made between narrowband and broadband susceptibility (Figure). Narrowband systems include radio and TV sets, for example, whereas data processing systems are generally characterized as broadband systems. Disturbed equipment

Interference voltages and currents can be grouped into common-mode interferences, differentialmode interferences and unsymmetrical interferences:
  • Common-mode interferences (asymmetrical interferences):
    – occurs between all lines in a cable and reference potential;
    – occurs mainly at high frequencies (approximately 1 MHz upwards).
  • Differential-mode interferences (symmetrical interferences):
    – occurs between two lines (L-L, L-N);
    – occurs mainly at low frequencies (up to several hundred kHz).
  • Unsymmetrical interferences:
    -this term is used to describe interferences between one line and the reference potential.

EPCOS filters 1-line

EMC Filters. SIFI series


SIFI series(B84111, B84112, B84113, B84114, B84115) - new components providing EMC. These filters are suitable for application in lines up to 250V with frequency 50/60 Hz. Compact sizes and low leakage current are important for application in industrial equipment, data transfer, in radio-TV-devices. The connection of filters is being provided according to TN/TT. Together with standard series with low values of leakage current the models ith etremely low leackage current for application in medicine equipment is provided.

Series Nominal current, А Nominal voltage, V Connection Interferences suppression, Hz Documentation
B84111F 3 … 36 250 AC/DC TT/TN loss next
B84112G next
B841113H next
B84111A 1 … 20 next
B84115E 3 … 10 next

EMC-filters: B84103 series


Filters B84103 are suitable for mounting into the device. They are equipped with bipolar disconnecting switch that provides the best protection from interferences and overvoltage.
Series Nominal current, А Nominal voltage, V Connection EMC at frequency, Hz Documentation
B84103 1 … 6 250 AC/DC TT/TN b84103 next
Detailed information

B84103 dimensions    B84103 circuit diagramm

Ordering Code Nominal current Nominal
Capacitance, CR
inductance, LR
leakage current, mА
B84103S0001A010 1 А 0.33 µF (X2) + 2×10 nF (Y2) 2×9 mH + 2×270 µH < 1
B84103S0001A030 3 А 0.33 мкФ (X2) + 2×10 nF (Y2) 2×1.5 mH + 2×22 µH < 1
B84103S0001A060 6 А 0.33µH (X2)+2×10 nF (Y2) 2×0.47 mH + 2×8 мµH < 1

EMC Filters for genral purposes. Series B84110A


Filters for general application (series B84110A) are characterised by easy construction, reliability and compact sizes.At perfect ratio price-quality they can be applied in unexpensive impulse power supplies, information systems, DC lines.
Series Nominal current, А Nominal voltage, V Connection Interference suppression, Hz Documentation
B84110A 0.5 … 6 250 AC/DC TT/TN b84110A next
Detailed information

B84110A dimensions    B84110A circuit diagramm

Orderingn code Nominal current Nominal
capacitance, CR
Nominal inductance
, LR
Leakge current, mА
B84110A0000A005 0.5 А 0.25 µF (X2) + 2×4.7 nF (Y2) 2 × 39 mH < 0.5
B84110A0000A010 1 А 2 × 10 mH < 0.5
B84110A0000A020 2 А 2 × 5.6 mH < 0.5
B84110A0000A040 4 А 2 × 2.7 mH < 0.5
B84110A0000A060 6 А 2 × 1.9mH < 0.5

EMC-filters. Series B84110B

EPCOS filters B84110B were especially developed for application in TV sets. It was also developed for using in SMPS with low operational characteristics, compact electronic devices and low current systems. The easy construction in a plastic case provides perfect ratio price-quality.
Series Nominal current, А Nominal voltage, V Connection Interference suppression, Hz Documentation
B84110B 1.4 250 AC/DC TT/TN b84110B next
Detailed information

B84110B dimensions    B84110B circuit diagramm

Ordering code Nominal current Nominal
capacitance, CR
Inductance, LR
B84110B0000A014 1.4 А 2 × 0.15 µF (X2) 2 × 27 mH

EMC Filters B84771, B84773, B84776

Series B84177/B841773/B84776
Series B8477* continue the series B84103. B84771 - is easy and compact among filters in these series. The series B84773 combines in one case an input case and fuse panel assembly for best protection providing. The series B84776 continues raw of B8477* filters. The important fact is that standard series have a discharge resistor. (in case of components B4771 it is possible to order verison without it).

Series Nominal current, А Nominal voltage, V Connection EMI suppression at frequencies, Hz Documentation
B84771 1 … 20 250 AC/DC TT/TN b84771 next
B84773 1 … 10 next
B84776 next
Detailed information

EMC-Filters for general purposes B84771

B84771 dimensions    B84771 circuit diagramm

EMC-filters B84773

B84773 dimensions    B84773 circuit diagramm

EMC-filters B84776

B84776 dimensions    B84776 circuit diagramm

3-line Filters B84143

B84143 3-line filters B84143 are characterised by compact sizes? reliability and high level of EMC suppression. The performances with and without neutral line are also possible. 3-line filters are suitable for working at AC voltage 440...760 V (AC) and values of current 8...180A (Depending on series). These components find a wide application in industrial equipment, converters of solar energy, medical technique, frequency converters and power supplies.
Series Nominal current, А Nominal voltage, V Connection Interferences at frequencies, Hz Documentation
B84143A 8 … 180 440...760 AC TT/TN B84143 next
Detailed information

Ordering code Nominal current Drawing Leakage current, mА Nominal voltage, V AC Documentation
B84143A0008R000 8 B84143 0.224 480/275 next
B84143A0012R000 12 0.224
B84143A0016R000 16 0.224
B84143A0025R000 25 0.418
B84143A0036R000 36 4.7
B84143A0050R000 50 1.56
B84143A0050R000 80 2.73
B84143A0120R000 120 3.3
B84143A0120R000 150 3.3
B84143A0180R000 180 2.73
Ordering code Nominal current Drawing Leakage current, mА Nominal voltage, V AC Documentation
B84143A0008R105 8 B84143 4.1 520/300 next
B84143A0016R105 16 4.1
B84143A0025R105 25 4.7
B84143A0036R105 36 0.418
B84143A0066R105 66 4.7
B84143A090R105 90 5.0
B84143A0120R105 120 5.0
B84143A0120R000 150 3.3
B84143A0150R105 150 5.0
ordering code Nominal current Drawing Leakage current, mА Nominal voltage, V AC Documentation
Series B84143A*A166
B84143A0010A166 10 Серия B84143 3.1 440/250 next
B84143A0020A166 20 3.1
B84143A0035A166 35 5.0 520/300
Ordering code Nominal current Drawing leakge current, mА Nominal voltage, V AC Documentation
Серия B84143A*R106
B84143A0010R106 10 B84143 3.1 520/300 next
B84143A0020R106 20 3.1
B84143A0035R106 35 3.4
B84143A0050R106 50 3.4
B84143A0065R106 65 3.4
B84143A0080R106 80 3.4
B84143A0100R106 100 3.4
Код заказа Номинальный ток Изображение Ток утечки, мА Номинальное напряжение, V AC Документация
Серия B84143A*R106
B84143A0025R021 25 Серия B84143 2.39 760/440 next
B84143A0036R021 36 2.39
B84143A0050R021 50 2.39
B84143A0080R021 80 4.2
B84143A0120R021 120 4.2
B84143A0150R021 150 4.2
B84143A0180R021 180 4.2

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