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Clamp Type AC Current Sensors

CCT Currently, a local production, accumulation and storage of electricity play an important role in the modern equipment with different functions. Modern Current Sensors are key elements in production and energy distribution management systems, since they allow to measure the specified characteristics insitu and thus to increase energy efficiency.

TDK manufactures Clamp Type AC Current Sensors (CCT series). These components are of special interest when using in energy management systems such as BEMS/FEMS/CEMS. Thanks to the self-clamping mechanism, the CCT series current sensors can be quickly and easily installed onto existing power equipment. When producing CCT series TDK engineers use patented housing design and automated winding and soldering techniques especially developed and successfully used in production of well-proven ZCAT series clamp filters. Such approach provides a high quality of a finished element and its reliable operation.

Among the first transformers manufactured in this product list, one can mention components with ordering codes CCT261631-30-06 and CCT323047-100-16, designed for operation at values of 30 A and 100 A , respectively. The components have a built-in protective element which defends against circuit opening and voltage surges, and also allows to maintain maximum output currents corresponding to 10 mA (for component CCT261631) and 33.3 mA (for component CCT323047).

In order to expand the range of possible applications TDK Corporation has added the CCT series of clamp AC current sensors with two new types that are rated for 300 A (ordering code is CCT354571-300-24) and 80 A (ordering code is CCT272440-80-10) to the existing product list. The new sensors are designed for use in the power distribution panels in a variety of energy management systems. With a current transformation ratio of 3000:1 the 300-A and 80-A types offer maximum output currents of 100 mA and 26.6 mA, respectively. The new clamp AC current sensors also have an integrated open-circuit protection element for voltage peak suppression.

The 300-A type is featured by a clamp inner diameter of 24 mm and is suitable for high current applications such as the energy management systems (EMS) in buildings, factories and stores (BEMS, FEMS, SEMS). It achieves its high current rating thanks to its optimized sensor shape and the high-performance ferrite material developed especially for current sensors. The 80-A type employs the same material as the existing 100-A and 30-A types of the CCT series products. Its clamp inner diameter is 10 mm.

Among latest products one can note a new product 600A model. The optimization of the shape using a high-performance ferrite core has been carried out. As a result it is possible to correspond to the new demand. By the Nominal Current Transformation Ratio of the series unification, the further standardization of circuit parts is enabled. New products with the ordering code CCT406393-600-36 operate at 600A . The clamp inner diameter is 36 mm. Products are suitable for use with lead-free soldering.

Power distribution panels of energy management systems (EMS) for homes, buildings, factories and stores (HEMS, BEMS, FEMS, SEMS).

Main features and benefits:
  • AC current sensor is a clamp type product
  • Accommodates automatic processes including wire winding and wrapping, and soldering>/li>
  • Equipped with built-in, open-circuit protective device
  • Temperature range: -20°C... +60°C
  • Storage temperature range: -30°C... +60°C
  • Compatible with RoHS directives

Main characteristics of CCT series

Ordering code Operating current range (АС),50/60Hz
Maximum allowed current,
Internal clamp section diameter,
Outpur current,
Secondary winding resistance,
Output connector PDF
CCT261631-30-06 0.1...30 50
6 10.0±1% (at 30A, 50/60Hz) 492 AWG22
160 мм
CCT272440-80-10 0.1...80 120
10 26.6±1% (at 80A, 50/60Гц) 352 AWG22
155 мм
CCT323047-100-16 0.1...100 200
16 33.3±1% (at100A, 50/60Гц) 285 AWG22
150 мм
CCT354571-300-24 0.1...300 400
24 100±1% (at 300A, 50/60Гц) 103 AWG22
140 мм
CCT406393-600-36 1...600 700
36 200.0±1% (at 600A, 50/60Гц) 64 AWG22
155 мм

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