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B82804A Gate Drive Transformers produced by TDK(Epcos)

11 Epcos manufactures B82804A series of Gate Drive Transformers which are used for a galvanic isolation and gate-driving circuits to MOSFETs and IGBTs operating at switch frequencies within a range of 150KHz through several MHz.

Applications of such components include half- and full-bridge converters as well as in frequency converters or inverters.

Components are produced using a miniaturized EP5 core. The dimensions of the transformers are 8.1 x 6.7 x 5.4 mm, resulting in a significant space savings on the circuit board. EPCOS B82804A Series Gate Drive Transformers offer low stray inductances and parasitic capacitances between winding are only 25 to 95 pF. Short-term dielectric strength is tested to 1500 VDC for all types in the B82804A Series Gate Drive Transformers are designed for ambient temperatures of up to 85 °C and operating temperatures of up to 125°C.

Among advantages of GDT transformers using in MOSFET one can note:
  • Small dimensions (8,1mm x 6,7mm x 5,4mm)
  • Low inter-winding capacitance
  • Low leakage inductance from 0,9 to 2,5 µH
  • Minimum delay time
  • Reliability when operating
  • Long lifetime
  • Stability of parameters
General characteristics of GDT transformers are represented in the table below.
Technical characteristics of GDT produced by Epcos[9]
L, µH Figure Turns ratio R(DC)pri.-max, Ω R(DC)sec-max, Ω fres.min, MHz Ordering code Documentation
300 Figure 3 А 2.5:1:1 1,8 0,3 2,6 B82804A0304A225 Далее
317 Figure 3 А 2:1:1 1,6 0,45 2 B82804A0324A220
264 Figure 3 А 1:1:1 1,5 1,5 2,9 B82804A0264A210
350 Figure 3 В 1:1 1 0,65 1,2 B82804A0354A110
690 Figure 3 В 1.5:1 1,65 0,86 0,7 B82804A0694A115
473 Figure 3 В 2.5:1 1,5 0,3 1,7 B82804A0474A125

Additional information

The application features and B82804A GDT characteristics are shown in the article:
Prospects of the application of the new GDT transformers series (B82804A) produced by Epcos in MOSFET Gate Drive Circuits

The parameters search for GDT components produced by TDK (Epcos)

Parameters search

For choosing of a required GDT transformer one can use the appropriate program at the company's web site.

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According to the results of 2018 Lepcos has received "best ferrites seller 2018" seal of excellence from TDK company.

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